Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Introduction of Sorts

Hi! Welcome to my little piece of the blog world. My name is Andrea, pronounced Ondrea, but I'm known by my friends and family as Andi or Andy (depending on who you're talking to). I love crafting. I also love to bake and cook so you'll see recipes popping up as well. How did I come up with the name cut the craft? I didn't. My husband did along with a few other names. I couldn't decide, so I put it up for a vote and a group of amazing friends voted for it. I guess you could say it took a village to name this blog. :)

I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) to an awesome two year old son who is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. My husband and I have been married for four years. I'll leave out the mushy stuff, but I will say that he totally rocks. Then there's Bubble our gerbil. Bubble and I have a love hate relationship. We live in south Louisiana, the home of good food, good music, and all around good times.

I guess that's it for now! I hope you enjoy what's to come!


  1. yay for finally having a blog to put all your craftiness out there!

  2. The name you choose couldn't be more awesome for you! Matches your personality perfectly! :))

    I am super excited about this! :)) Welcome to the blog world! :))